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MB Artoko group is a woodworking company. We offer various construction, dried, calibrated, impregnated, finishing timber. We have been in the market since 2013. In order to establish ourselves, we seek to make precise, punctual and high-quality job with respect to every client. We started our business with the production of wood pellets and later decided to increase our production volume and expand our activities.

  • Construction timber
  • Dried timber
  • Calibrated timber
  • Impregnated timber
  • Siberian larch timber and its products
  • Timber planing services
  • Wood pellets

Artūras the founder

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Trade of wood products

Manufacture and trade of wood products, wood planks, wood blanks. We offer standard and non-standard dimensions of construction / structural timber. We produce high quality outdoor and indoor siding, fences and decking boards. We sell dried timber.
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Cutting, planing and calibration of timber

We carry out the planing service with the German four-sided Gubisch woodworking machine. Calibrated timber ensures quality, accuracy and durability for constructions.
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Impregnation of timber

Impregnated timber is protected against rotting and wood-destroying and appearance-changing organisms. This kind of wood requires less maintenance and gets longer service life. We impregnate timber in a special bath using a brown antiseptic Gerlitis-5.
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Production of wood pellets

We produce eco-friendly biofuels - wood sawdust pellets, which have high heat and relatively low ash content. The pellets are light colored and smell like wood. Wood sawdust pellets are produced by mechanical action of the raw material without any additional impurities.
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We are young and effective! The quality of our work speaks for itself. We are the strongest company of 2015-2018 in Lithuania. We care for needs and expectations of our clients and always try to find the most suitable solution for you. The value for money is excellent. We have been trusted by many, and hope you will join us as well. Sincerely, The ARTOKO Team!

  • Great value for money.
  • The quality of the raw materials is simply excellent.
  • Customer is our top priority!
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