Larch timber
Larch timber

Siberian larch has exceptional rare qualities. The wood for their durability and weathering resistance ahead of spruce and pine more than twice.
Siberian larch durability depends on its growth conditions, as well as on the particular resin composition that acts as an antiseptic - protects the wood from moisture, insects and fungal diseases.
This wood is resistant to external shocks because they have narrow rings and dense structure, which is formed tree grows in extreme weather conditions.
Over time, even without chemical treatment, larch retain high-quality wood properties.
The only thing that will alter - it will be in color. It is gray, but that does not mean that the wood has lost its value.
To preserve the rich yellowish reddish color, it is appropriate to use natural protective oil timber.

Siberian larch, two cutting boards 330,00 € /m2